How To: Move your kayak laterally with a draw stroke

Move your kayak laterally with a draw stroke

This how to video will show you how to do draw strokes for kayak angling. This is helpful if you are pulling up to or away from a dock. First, reach out from the hip. The more vertical the paddle is, the more lateral pull you will be able to exert. Now, paddle to the hip. Release the pressure off the blade by slicing out behind you or doing a T stroke. A common problem is pulling in and making the boat turn. This means you are not pulling towards your hip. The type of boat determines the type of draw stroke you should use. The skulling draw is more effective than the T stroke. You will get steady pressure from the blade. When your paddle pushes forward, open up the leading edge so that the power face of the paddle is catching water. This video shows how easy it is to perform this stroke. This video offers great advice for doing draw strokes.

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