How To: Troll live bait in your kayak

Troll live bait in your kayak

In this how-to video, you will learn how to troll large live bait in your kayak. Use a circle hook and attach it to your rod with a small loop knot. This will allow the live bait to have a natural presentation. This means you must troll slowly. You must have slight tension on the string. The bait must have a natural feel when it picks it up. This means there should be no resistance when it grabs the bait. Use a big casting reel with it out of gear and the clicker on. This means the button is in. You will hear it when a fish takes the bait. Throw it in gear and wind as fast as you can once you feel a tug. You can use a rubber band around the rod and line, holding the line to the rod. This video shows you great tips in using live bait.

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