How To: Put on a spray skirt in kayaking

Put on a spray skirt in kayaking

In this how-to video, you will learn how to put on a spray skirt while kayaking. This is important if you want something to wear while you kayak. A dry top has a latex neck and wrist. A semi-dry top has a neoprene neck and wrists. For both of these, a feature called a double tunnel is built in. This means there are two layers on the top. The skirt creates a water tight seal and keeps you dry. First, get your arms in the dry top. Poke your fingers through the gasket on the wrist. This takes effort. Next, put your other arm in. Now, place your head in through the neck gasket. Stretch it so that your head fits in. It will be tight so adjust it. Now, pull the shirt down around your body. Tighten the chord at the waist. This video shows you how to put on a spray skirt and dry top.

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